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Village on the Green

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Day-Code Passes for VOG Events
Posted on May 20th, 2014
Whether you are having an event in the VOG Clubhouse, or in your home, you can provide your guests with a day-code pass that will allow them to access VOG at the east gate.  Contact Francine Sauls or Roger Robinson for an assigned code number for your event.  Give yourself plenty of lead-time in obtaining this code number so you can include it in written or verbal guest invitations.  Because of security issues, we will no longer be able to leave the gate open for several hours at a time to accommodate VOG guests.  Again, just plan ahead.
Clubhouse Winter Parking
Posted on Dec 15th, 2013
No parking will be allowed in the 5 stalls on the West side of the clubhouse parking lot 
during winter (from December 1st until April 1). That area will be used for snow storage.
The Board also asks that residents avoid parking in the clubhouse parking lot the night 
before any forecast snow storm so that the parking lot can be plowed and salted. 
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated
VOG HOA Officers & Board of Directors
Clubhouse Rental Fee Change
Posted on Sep 19th, 2012
Effective October 1, 2012, there will be a new fee structure for VOG Clubhouse rentals.  HOA members wishing to rent the Clubhouse for a group of 50 or less will be charged $50 instead of $100. The fee for groups of 51 to 82 (capacity) will remain at $100.  Please see Francine Sauls if you wish to reserve a specific date.  The holidays are coming, so act soon. 
VOG Street Parking
Posted on May 10th, 2012
Our parking restrictions have been adhered to for the most part throughout the winter.  We ask that you continue to observe parking requirements throughout the year. These restrictions are in place not only for snow removal but for safety issues and requirements made by the Fire Marshall of Draper City.  Our streets are narrow and none of us would want a fire engine to be impeded because of car blockage if our house was on fire!     
Please remember:
1.  Have your family and guests use your driveway for parking where at all possible.  This will make travel through VOG easier, and facilitate snow removal when necessary.
2.  Continue to observe the "parking" and "no parking" zones as marked when parking curbside.
3.  NEVER leave your car, or a guest's, parked overnight curbside.  If you have a large number of visitors overnight, please use the VOG Clubhouse parking lot.  If a guest needs to park there more than one night, please advise a member of the VOG Board.  This will make snow removal in the early morning hours so much easier, and allow us to clear the streets much more effectively.
Thank you for your cooperation.  
Just a Doggone Reminder
Posted on Jan 1st, 2012
If you are a dog owner, please remember to keep your dog on a leash as you walk around VOG, and keep a "doggy bag" handy for needed clean-ups.  Dog owners love their pets, and homeowners love their lawns.  Our leash and clean-up requirements are not unique, but simply the same as Draper City and most other towns in America.
VOG East Entrance Sidewalk Gate Code
Posted on Sep 14th, 2011
The sidewalk gate at the east entrance of Village on the Green has been installed along with the key pad for exit and entry. To get the entry code, please go to the Documents page on this web site.
Pass code is for residents only.
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